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Helping Jobs Find EmployeesIt Shouldn't be a Search

The employment search process is outdated. JobSEAsia Group thinks we can do better, and is proving so by offering up all available jobs in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam with normalized data, a custom bespoke CRM and the most relevant job suggestions on the market. Find out more below.

What We Offer Employers

Free Job Listings

Employers can get their jobs posted quickly and easily thanks to our custom CRM

Enhanced Marketing

Add details to a job post for better rankings, and get featured in hyper-relevant email campaigns

Active Search

Query our databases for the exact candidate you need, and search by common resume details

What We Offer Job Searchers

Search All Jobs

Employees can search the biggest jobs DB in all of Southeast Asia – if your job’s out there, it’s on here

1-Click Apply

With auto-account signup after first application completed by a job searcher

Machine Learning

A variety of user preferences and metrics are taken into account in order to recommend only the best jobs

Job Southeast Asia GroupSee the Brands Connecting People

JobCute launched in December 2018 and currently serves up 60,000+ jobs in Thailand to thousands of job seekers daily.

SmartJob launched in March 2019 and currently serves up 50,000+ jobs in Indonesia to thousands of job seekers daily.

VietJobs launched in March 2019 and currently serves up 10,000+ jobs in Vietnam to hundreds of job seekers daily.

Our Team

Michael Kenner

Chief Executive Officer

Thanachot Sanit

Director of Projects

Eugen Pauls

Chief Operating Officer

Prapond SaeChua

Chief Technology Officer

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